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Snail Filtrate – Nourish, hydrates, tone the skin colour and is a powerful antioxidant

Such species of snail produce a mucous secretion composed by a large number of components, including Allantoin, Glycolate, Elastin, Collagen and some vitamin, protein and peptides. Scholars have wondered if these and other protective and regenerative substances, coating the animal’s body, could have been exploited for the skin care.

Allantoin: stimulate the natural regeneration of skin’s tissues, encouraging the epidermic turnover and foster the proliferation of keratinocyte (improving renewal of new skin cells).

Elastin: is the protein that gives tone to the skin.

Collagen: an essential element that acts as hydrating and softening. In accordance with its toning proprieties give back to the skin tone and smoothness.

Glycolate: allow to exfoliate the superficial layers of skin and stimulate the development of Collagen, making the skin brighter.

Vitamins, essential amino acids and other proteins: encourages peripheral vascularity “oxygenating the skin”, ensuring the provision of nutrients and the derma’s hydration. Furthermore, the vitamins play antioxidant and healing part.